Sigma Technologies S.L. is a technological company based in Madrid (Spain) which is active in the fields of pattern recognition (natural language processing, speech recognition, biometric recognition), signal processing, mobile applications, design and development of printable robots, acquisition and annotation of language and biometric resources and usability and accessibility of user interfaces.
Sigma Technologies S.L. has a large experience in the use of these technologies in real products and services as well as in the design, development and evaluation of user interfaces. Since its creation in 2008, it has had a strong international focus. For this reason, more than 80 of the company’s turnover comes from international projects carried out with customers in USA, Germany, Poland, United Kingdom and Greece.


We have a wide portfolio of products covering all business lines. Their flexible architecture facilitates their adaptation to each customer’s needs and business processes.


Technology is at the service of our customers. We adapt it to suit customer’s specific requirements and to optimize results.


We undertake evaluation and technological viability projects nationally and internationally and conduct research and analysis.

Strategy y Alliances

Sigma Technologies S.L. has leading edge technologies in all its fields of activity thanks to its R & D strategy, its agreement, alliance and collaboration policy with some the world’s most advanced research groups and the network of over 30 internationally recognized professionals with which the company collaborates.

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